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Importance of protecting children's imaan:

The greatest investment that any community can make is to invest in their children. Our children are our future. If we invest in today’s children and develop them into people who are firm in their Imaan, who cherish human values more than material wealth, who honor their parents and their elders and are generally an asset to society at large, then such an investment will earn tremendous returns and benefits for the entire Ummah. The Maktab/Madrasah has always played a pivotal role in developing the children of the Ummah. By and large it is at the Maktab that the child is equipped with all the basics of Deen, the fundamentals that enable him to live and practice as a true Muslim. In communities where Maktab education is not provided, children grow up without knowledge of even the fundamentals of Islam. They are unable fulfill any of the tenets of Deen and in many cases are not even able to recite the Kalimah properly. Maktab education is essential in the life of every child and it is our duty as parents and guardians of our children to ensure they receive its instruction.

Protect the Imaan of Your Child!

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